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All students who wish to earn a Northeastern High School diploma must meet certain standards. The NC Department of Public Instruction and the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education set the requirements after considerable review with citizens, parents, teachers and students. Please refer to the graduation requirements as you design an individual program of study.


With the concentrated curriculum of four classes each semester it is possible to acquire a minimum 8 credits per year for a total of 32 credits at the end of four years. Listed below is the minimum number of credits required of all students who wish to earn a Northeastern High School diploma. Students must successfully complete these standards listed below to earn a Northeastern High School diploma. Students who are not scheduled for a 1st or 4th Block class must remain off campus . Again, the list below reflects the minimum requirements in each area.

Students will be required to complete additional credits depending on the course of study chosen.

English 4.0
Social Studies 4.0
Mathematics 4.0
Science 3.0
Physical Education 1.0
Electives 10.0 min.
(2 years of Foreign Language for College prep)

Total Credits Required…....26.0

Students must complete all academic requirements to be eligible for the diploma and to participate in the graduation ceremonies. They must also fulfill all student obligations.

The number of units required for promotion must include the appropriate

English and Math credit.
Grade 10......................6 credits (one credit must be English I)
Grade 11.................... 13 credits (one credit must be English II and Math 1)
Grade 12....................20 credits (one credit must be English III)
Graduation.................26 credits (must meet course of study requirements)